Very Affordable Vanilla Android: The Nexus 4

GeePlease is now Localizing, but we will still stay true to world-wide hunting of affordable and best value-for-money, bang-for-the-buck offers for all your tech and gadget Craving.

We are moving to the Philippines, and you will notice our prices would now include the Philippine Pesos (PHP) from hereon out. Why move you say? Well for one, it’s a sunny place and Chris GeePlease has found a wonderful spot near a beach and find it good for his health to be on a location wherein

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This Months Mobile Phone Cofusion

These phones might not be the cup of tea of GeePlease to review, since where our focus is affordable, bang-for-the-buck mobile phones and gadgets, but we couldn’t help not giving notice to the plethora of releases from the Mobile Phone manufacturing giants like Apple, Samsung, Sony and LG.

There are still a lot of recent releases but these units are the attention grabber, wherein the iPhone 5S Gold Edition just fetched a price tag of…

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Why It’s Not Best To Be an Early Adopter

Got the Best and The Latest Gadget? May it be an Android Phone, and iPhone, a Windows Tablet, a Camera or just your regular Off-Brand Tech Gadget which most probably runs an OS and new Hardware. Be careful and do your research if you have the Money to spare and you got some Pork Barrel Funds to spend when you are getting these gadgets a few days after it is introduced in the market.

GeePlease is not scaring you, I bet if you have done your research prior to the release…

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Galaxy S4 Arrives! AT&T Teaser

“I WAS WRONG!”, That would be the first thing I admit. I released the rumored photo of the Red Samsung Galaxy S4 on my previous post and mentioned that the battery door “might” be locked-in with a hex/allen screw on it’s four corners.

Well, the four corner lock is real, but it is not a Hex Screw, and closer inspection doesn’t reveal it as any kind of screw at all. It might be a quick release button or something, and well AT&T will be releasing…

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Game Review: NBA JAM

As you may have known, I usually post game that are not easily found on the App or Play Store but deserves our attention. The last game I reviewed, “Monsters Ate My Condo” from Pikpok games was the only game that got me hooked for a while.

Last year however, I got bored on a business trip while I stayed in a 5-star Hotel. So I spent half of my day sipping Iced Tea on the lobby and then it hit me, I have to check the free WiFi bundled up for my room. So I opened up my phone and fired a way. First Surfing, Second Downloading and

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Rumor Mill: Samsung Galaxy s4 Active

You Heard me right, there will be a new s4 series, from a giant tablet, phablet and a new shockproof, waterproof and scratch-proof version of the King of the Droids for the 2nd Quarter of 2013 the Samsung Galaxy s4.

They will be calling it the Samsung Galaxy s4 Active.

My Good friend Wyn was already at dilemma finding the best Sony Xperia series phone, as I already suggested to him to buy a phone not for the…

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Over Protective? Google on the Youtube for Windows Phone 8.

My friend Lisa is a diehard Nokia fan. She attest to the phones sturdiness, especially when she threw a few of them and pounded them on a bad break-up.

So, at the advent of the smartphone era, she never transitioned to the Smartphone Giants like the iPhone or an Android phone. When she learned that Nokia is releasing the Lumia Series, She was extremely happy. And with the Windows Phone 8 Operating System from Microsoft…

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Samsung Gets Sued Again for the the Galaxy S4

Apple is at it again. This time the copyright infringement suit is against the Galaxy S4. According to the fruity brand, the Samsung Galaxy S4 “is an infringing device”.

Documents filed in the U.S. District court in California, and published by “The Verge”, Apple has said to have examined the S4 and decided to add Samsungs current flagship phone to its long list of infringing products from the Korean Brand.

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Announcement: Do you Need to Buy a BlackBerry to BBM? Certainly NOT!

BBM or BlackBerry Messenger has been the Main attraction why most of my friends on high places & most friends on the fashion industry has stuck with their double-thumb texting, QWERTY-keyboard having smartphones from BlackBerry. They keep bugging me about FREE Texting for life with BBM, and how it appears “exclusive” to them BB folks.

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Review Request: HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4

I’ll have you know first and foremost that there are a lot of the same topic (HTC One vs. Galaxy S4) already out on the other tech sites if you care to search for them.

However, I still made the comparison after several request of what’s my take on the two new flagship smartphones from both HTC and Samsung.

Just to get you primed…

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GPLZ Major Update: We are making Changes!!!

We are saddened that we cannot really keep up on updating GeePlease as much as we want to. We have been scouring for more contributing writers and reviewers and everybody we know is busy and just plain gave up to the larger review sites.

So this time, I’ll be personally running the show and turning GeePlease to a more personal BLOG than a Reviews Site. Although I will still review technological updates, I’ll only review topics that is asked…

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We Got Busy Again, Help Us Out!

GeePlease got busy again, this means we can’t put out a shebang of reviews like we used to. It’s your Admin and Editor who got busy with work. You may already have read here on that we lost our contributing writers getting busy with life and with work, so WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!.

Write to us to let us know what kind of tech topics you would like us to focus on, as the limited writers we have will only allow us to target a few, and a few that our Readers will request are the ones we will…

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