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June 3, 2009 · Filed Under Gadgets, Music, Technology
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You may have been wondering why there’s a void in the updates of my post. I have been having my scheduled check-up to the doctor regarding my previous medical incident. Anyway, most of my time was also taken by developing and designing several logos and brands and an organizations website which I will share with you all soon.

Now on to what this site is about, affordable yet quality items on review.

I spent the last few days looking for an mp3 player, being also an audiophile added to one of the list I am described about, like techie, geek, computer addict, blogger, gearhead (I like tinkering with engines too) and all other labels like freakishly handsome, lol!. So anyway, this week, my audiophile alter-ego kicked-in. I owned several mp3’s before even “ipod” ever became a word and a product. I thought it’s time for an update.

I already gave my ipod several generations ago to my niece, only went up to 2nd generation and I stopped even getting the popular white music player. Not that it is a bad gadget, it is a really well-designed, quality piece of electronic device. My qualms with it? The ipod hardly sounded good even amplified or with a professional set of ear/in-ear/head phones.

So my criteria was Best-Sounding mp3 player under USD200. To my surprise what I found is the best-sounding on any price range. However, remember my title? This is the 2nd best, so what is the best-sounding mp3 player? I can confirm it’s existence, but I am reserving it for a personal review. So the under USD200 criteria still stands on this review.

Cowon iAudio D2
Cowon iAudio D2

The 2nd best mp3 player is priced at under USD200, as the best-sounding I found is above that price range but under 500USD. The 2nd best-sounding mp3 player i found, not only plays mp3’s but other formats as well. It is actually a PMP (Portable Media Player), Media meaning, music, pictures and videos. I won’t explain the technical details to this as I already found a blog that reviews this product as I would have reviewed it, so I’ll just share the link instead.

Now why do you say this mp3 player sounds best? Because I have a frequency meter, some amplifiers and testing equipment, I also had tested an archos, a creative and the ipod on my system, and prior to this one, only creative labs set of mp3 players sounded good to me. The fact is, what is currently attached to my car audio system is a creative branded head unit.

Not until I plugged this mp3 player I noticed that it sounded much better. This is the Cowon iaudio D2. Now go here to read a review of the Cowon iaudio D2 as I would have reviewed it. I’ll post what I found is the best mp3 player next time, as I haven’t had the chance to put my hands on to it. But why am I so confident it is the best-sounding mp3 player? At the moment, the specs says it all.

Now, if your a real audiophile, you would have noticed I said best mp3 player, because an audiophile would not use an mp3 as a file format, they would have used other lossless music formats. Now the best mp3 player I am still keeping a secret is also the best in playing lossless formats, so wait for it.


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